Compliance Audit / AUP (Agreed Upon Procedure)

Compliance Audit / AUP (Agreed Upon Procedure)


The evolving improvement of our risk-based audit approach and our growing number of advisory service contribute considering value to our clients in mitigating their business risk by enabling the decision making process to be relied on the best quality and integrity of organization’s financial statement and on assurances given by qualified third parties.

  • Financial Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Due Diligent
  • Information System Audit

We give value to our clients by enabling them at the very best way to manage tax cost as efficient as possible while mitigating tax risk exposure at the best minimum leve, our skill and experience combined is an art determining the best solution for your tax problem.

  • Tax Report Services
  • Tax Administration

Our accounting services are tailored with the very best personal approach to meet our individual client needs for up to date and reliable financial information

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Development and Drafting of Accounting Procedure Manual
  • Accounting Personal Services